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I love the people at the office because they are plain crazy. I guess that's the only consolation I get for sticking with my job since the money I make could certainly not coax even a hungry rat out of its hole.

Consider the latest stunt we pulled. This year's picture-taking was quite a departure from our yearly tradition (started three years ago) of posing for a group photo (in color-themed shirts) which will then be tacked inside the office. This year, Halloween came a bit late as we pulled out all stops to dress as movie/Anime characters.

The days before the event itself were nerve-wracking. It wasn't an exaggeration to say that some of us lost sleep over what character to choose. I was lucky enough that my character chose me after hearing enough comments about my resemblance to Bruce Lee so it was a good time as any to put that to the test. Besides, I thought I won't have to spend much because just how much a Kung-fu get-up cost; not a lot, right?

(Actually, it did).

Good thing there was a midnight sale at one of the malls here, it gave us time at least to do some last minute shopping. And the photo above was the result.

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