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Written on 7:43 PM by isko b. doo

The long Yuletide holiday brings mixed feelings. On one hand, it gives me the chance to rest from my killer schedule; on the other hand, I expect my purse to be a lot thinner in January.

You see, my main job doesn't pay much (though I have no right to complain because I knew what was I getting into coming in) so to compensate, I moonlight as a writer for national company or take any other assignments that could net me at least an extra P1,000 a month. My only condition is the task wouldn't compromise my integrity and that of my office.

As luck would have it, Fridays and Mondays in the last weeks of December were sandwiched between legal holidays and the result was almost two weeks of no extra work for me. Just showed how the President's holiday economics sucked big time. A miraculous event occurred for us in December, much more remarkable than the Roman Catholic's Nativity: we were given our 14th month this year. Even now, I still am not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing. I couldn't but feel that an incredible episode portents disaster.

I would have loved to save some of my money for next year but there's no chance of that now. Spent most of it on gifts, the holiday bug got me and I ended up spending money I do not have on gifts and treats for family, loved ones and friends. What's new, right? I'm one of those people who could not save money to save my life. And so here we are, two days before the new year and I'm already broke.

All I have left are the free gift certificates given to me by friends and acquaintances. So if we're going by the tradition of creating your luck through symbolisms (polka dots, round fruits), next year would be a bad year for me: Just how do you survive on gift certificates?

While we're at it, anybody wanna buy one?

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  1. Liza |

    thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

    wishing you and yours a blessed new year. :D

  2. psyche |

    na bitaw, gihatagan ko nimo'g idea da nga ibaligya sab ning akong GC. hehehe =)

  3. cheska |

    happy new year!!!
    ibaligya na lang ang GC. korek na siya.
    just think positive and lots of dadash will arrive for you. hihihihi...have a great 2009. will update my links too. mwahugs!


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