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It's 2:53 a.m. and still couldn't sleep, so I might as well tell you a story:

Me and my girl were eating at the Krua Thai along Torres St. Right in front of us are a group of Americans and Koreans seated at different tables. All the time, I try to look cool like I eat opulence for breakfast and use luxury to wipe my ass every time I crap.

Though I must admit I got rattled off when I read the menu.

Let me put this in a proper context. I only have P22 on my pockets, my girl had even less than me. We just thought of splurging that night precisely because we had no money. No need for money, we thought, we got Visa!

Our Visa ad would go this way:

1. Green shirt: P30 (from ukay-ukay)
2. blue pants: P800
3. accessories: P67
The look on our faces when reading the menu? Priceless!

Anyway, after finishing up all our food (our bill amounted to nearly P500). The waiter came around and asked my girl, in English, no less:

“Ma’am, are you done?”

I froze. Tucked in my smile and waited. Rarely do you get those moments when you could shot back a witty reply. You’ve seen the funny movies. You play the conversations over and over in your head, hoping that one day you get to use them in real life.
To my mind, there are several answers to this question:

1. “No, I’m not done. I’m (state your name)”
2. “No, I’m not done, but I have a brother by that name.”
3. “Yes, I have a man’s name. And yours?”

There are also several variations to these but they all go with the same theme.
And so there I was, holding my spoon in mid-air. I waited for her answer because basically we share the same sense of humor (you know, the one when nobody else gets it) so I knew it would be good.

She looked at the waiter askance, smiled her sweet smile, and replied:


The waiter took her plate and that was it. There goes the moment.
I, for one, blame it on the menu. Priceless!

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  1. Anonymous |

    the ambience (read: extravagant) probably took a toll on the weird humor you and your girlfriend share. happy dining!

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