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Finally, im blogging.

I guess I have to explain myself. you see, i always have this thing for pablo neruda. i saw the movie Il Postino twice (and maybe more, if i could get hold of a copy and no it's not a biography but it's beautiful nonetheless), and had gotten lost in his words more often than i care to remember.

You know the feeling when you're about to sleep, stretching your arms way above your head, let out a long sigh of relief after a hard day's work,and just let go.Somewhere along the way, you get lost but it's not fear that sets in, rather it's more like tranquility. the calmness of home.

I love the man. I'm a little embarassed to admit it, but I love the guy. and I hope one day, I could rein in the words like he did, a cigar on my hand, bind my other hand to the saddle with a rope, hold on for dear life, and ride that raging bull for eight seconds.

For cowboys, that's all it takes to gain self-respect.

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