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Written on 9:54 PM by isko b. doo

This sucks. My throat is feeling dry, my body is sore and I think I'm coming down with a flu. The cans of beer in my freezer this morning beckons and I still have tons to do. I expect the next few days to be pure torture as I tide this sickness over.

I know I need a lot of bedrest but I have a bad case of insomnia so sleeping early is out of the question. In fact, this flu was probably triggered by several days of only two or three hours of sleep each day. Today, my nose started to run. Tomorrow, or the next day at the most, I'd start coughing and the ensuing discomfort would likely rob me of much-needed sleep.

It's a Catch-22 situation: I don't sleep, I get worse; I get worse, I can' sleep.

There's another problem, I can't swallow a pill. It's probably psychological but I'd like to think it's genetic since my mother is pretty much the same. What we do is drink lots of liquid and, in her case, catch up on sleep.

But what the heck am I thinking? There's beer on my freezer courtesy of San Miguel Beer (thank God for friends holding strategic positions). As always the case, when you got all odds stacked against you, have beer. It won't probably help my situation and more than likely weaken my immune system some more but hey, in a liquor-laced stupor, nothing else matters.

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