Written on 7:41 PM by isko b. doo

Is it just me or something is off about how Richard Gomez is hosting the Family Feud? I know I have better things to do than criticize the hosting style of some actor but I've watched several episodes now and the way he practically jumps at the women contestants still makes me uncomfortable.

Maybe I have a dirty mind but it's like watching somebody being exploited on primetime.

If anything, doesn't his "touchy" style of hosting must be putting girls at a disadvantage? If he has to be a fair host, shouldn't he also hug and kiss the guys while they were guessing their answers?

Apparently, this is is first time to host a game show and he auditioned for the role, according to GMA News. I wonder who he had to kiss to get the part?

I mean, common people! Did the original host of Family Feud, where Richard's gameshow was patterned after, invade the space of the contestants to reduce them to giddy little girls?

I have to stop now lest I'll be accused of being envious. Just would like to say though I grew up on the original show and the old (dead!) guy, Ray Combs, was much better.

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  1. karen |

    hi! thanks for your comment on my blog. don't watch family feud though. nako-corny-han kasi ako kay richard gomez eh :p

  2. isko b. doo |

    In my case, I have no choice. The people at the office are fond of the program. Tsk.


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