Written on 9:55 PM by isko b. doo

I hate this. I can't upload my posts. Maybe it's my computer or my Mozilla browser but editing or creating entries has become near impossible. I thought it was just a bug in all of blogsphere but it's frustrating to see other blogspot users don't seem to experience the same problem and were able to update their posts.

Tried the help option but couldn't find anything of use to me. Oh, I could ask around since there are help forums here but being I'm a bum and that sounds like a lot of hard work. I transfered to wordpress instead.

So.. dear critics, readers, bystanders, evaluators, idiot savants, plain idiots, friends, ex-friends, co-workers, fellow bummers, sa mga dating my crush sa akin at sa mga magka-crush pa, to Raul Gonzales, Gloria and all politicos, here's the link to my new blog account.

Drum roll please....

Don't clap your hands. I'm imaginative, I know. :P


And to blogspot fanatics who think I'm no worse than a makapili who point to his countryman to be fed to the Japanese kempetai for leaving blogspot... pasensya na,
kabalo na mo, tiguwang na dali lang mangluod.

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  1. yeng |

    now i know why i just can't leave a comment on this damn good blog of yours. nag problem jud d ay ka no? anyway, atleast okay na karon.congrats ka nakalingkawas ra jud ka.

  2. Anonymous |

    comments disagree blogcouncil whirlpools boycott sankara priscilla enigmatica terminology christianity ally
    lolikneri havaqatsu


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