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Written on 10:42 PM by isko b. doo

This got me thinking. Would the demotion of Pluto have greater repercussions on astrology?

Before astronomers decided to downgrade the tiny rock as a dwarf planet, Pluto ruled over Scorpio in the zodiac signs. Definitely, those born under the Scorpio sign feel they got the raw end of the deal -- they have a dwarf for a ruler.

That’s not exactly good for your self-esteem, isn’t it?

Pluto according to western astrology symbolizes death, rebirth, sex, evolution, and “the breakdown of psychological blocks that prevent evolutionary growth.” That statement used to be profound but when you take it into context the new category of Pluto as a dwarf planet, it now seems funny. Apparently, these psychological blocks were responsible for Pluto’s present height, or lack thereof.

And would the symbols that Pluto supposedly represents drop their value? Would death now be reduced to unconsciousness? Would sex be a disappointment? Would evolution slow up? Or plainly stunted?

In mythology, Pluto or Hades was the god of the underworld. Brother to Zeus and the overall judge of the dead. In the old times, people were afraid to even mention his name for fear that they might attract his attention and kill them. Black sheep were often slaughtered and offered to him as a sacrifice.

Pluto was also known as a merciless god because mortals who happened to enter the Underworld could never hope to return. With the collective decision of the astronomers, Hades lost his status as a formidable and fearsome god.

Now, he just seems cute. (awww...)

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