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Written on 12:53 PM by isko b. doo

Here I am, changing my skin again. It has nearly become a bi-monthly routine for me and it's got nothing to do with my current mood or my frame of mind at all. More often than not, it's mainly for lack of anything better to do. Just goes to prove that being a bum is not all sunshine and butterflies.

Another purpose in changing skins is an attempt to keep this blog fresh. At least, until I could distract everybody else from the reality that my entries are stale, a hackneyed, monochromed reel of my so-called life. I thought that if magicians could use the trick of distraction and enjoy the prestige, so could I.

I belong to the generation where my savvy in computers is limited to the "barely adequate" category; where CSS and HTMLs are acronyms you paste in sodas and canned goods along with the ubiquitous Sure I could google porn but that's about it.

After about two weeks, when the audience's eyes have caught up with my quick hands, the colors and the patterns lose their luster. And only after looking at the other blogs out there that I realize: the design of my blog sucks.

Great. Now I have two things to be insecure about: my writing and this blog's blueprint. Why do I do this to myself?

More than anything else, this particular template seems apt. The bug-eyed birds remind me of a deer caught in headlights and that's exactly my state of mind right now -- it's knowing that an 85-ton mack truck is heading your way running at full speed and you can't do any damn thing about it.

So you freeze, brace for the full impact and hope as hell it's your lucky day.

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