A stranger walked…


Written on 10:29 PM by isko b. doo

A stranger walked solitary.
As the sharp edges of the
Sunset wounds the sky,
Casting a fiery shadow;
Tainting the horizon
With blood--- painting it scarlet.

The remorseful sun
Inconspicuously hiding
Behind mountains benighted.
Hoping no one notices its crime.

The wave’s orgasmic sighs,
As they make love to the
Sandy beach, drown
Dusk’s screams;
And the nightingale’s songs
Muffled the sun’s hasty steps
As he makes his escape.

Nobody notices the transgression.
Not least the stranger ---
Who’s presently revolted
By the mud silts clinging
To his pants as he makes
His way to the disco next town.

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  1. trish |

    nice poem :)

    have a sunshiney day!! *hugs*


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