Written on 4:36 PM by isko b. doo

I couldn't let this one pass.

How quickly we forget. Rep. Prospero Pichay is gunning for a Senate seat when just a few months ago he filed a resolution to convene the Lower House into a constituent assembly to change the 1987 Constitution. While he toed the administration line (lie?) that the changes would revolve around economic provisions, the real intent was palpable -- to eliminate the "obstructionist" Senate, which admittedly has been a thorn in the side of Malacanang.

Now, he wants us to install him into the very institution he sought to abolish? What hypocrisy!

Ang pichay hindi tinatanim sa Senado, kundi sa lupa.

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  1. ev |

    "Ang pichay hindi tinatanim sa Senado, kundi sa lupa."


  2. Anonymous |

    oo nga naman ano?

  3. Anonymous |

    trapong-trapo talaga yang si P.
    Delikadong tao.

  4. MCA |

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