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Have you ever had the experience when you were mistaken for somebody else?

Well, I have and it took months before the mistake was corrected. Back in college, I had a classmate who thought she was all that; you know, one of those types who spend more time on the way their look than on their studies. Let's call her Sheila. Admittedly though, I spend half of my time in college outside of school than on it so who am I to judge? hehehe

Anyway, one time while in class I found myself sitting beside her because that's the only seat available. The teacher had just called for a surprise quiz and since I bring only ballpen to class, I asked for a yellow paper from my OTHER seatmate, totally ignoring Shiela thinking that she's as much a bum like me.

To my surprise, Sheila stretched her hand out to offer me an extra yellow paper. And to my next surprise, she called me "Luis."

Now, I don't know where she got the name from but I assure you I have the most ordinary name, the same name which I unluckily share with petty thieves and bums behind bars.

In the next few weeks, the semester was about to be finished by then, she called me Luis.
For some reason or the other, nobody among my classmates corrected her (maybe because nobody knew me, hehehe), especially me who gladly responded to Luis.

One time, she even asked me what my full name was and I told her my real surname along with my fictitious name "Luis" and she seemed to be satisfied with my answer for she turned her back on me. To this day, I wondered how she could have thought all those time that I had a different name.

Right after the break, I passed the course and quickly forgotten about her. One day, I was loitering at the corridor with some male classmates when I heard somebody call out "Hoy, Luis!" and turned to see her smiling face.

My buddies were at first surprised then started howling and teasing me when she went by and asked: "Asa na ka karun Luis?"

"Luis ka na diay karun? Kinsa ka si Lucky Manzano?" One of my buddies, who was not exactly known for his tact, teased.

"Kinsa man diay na siya, si Luis man jud na siya?" the surprised girl offered.

They guffawed. I looked down, visibly embarrassed. She was taken aback when somebody told her my real name. I hoped it was not because I shared a name with petty thieves and bums behind bars.

Feeling insulted, she walked away and right after that episode, I was no longer Luis. She even ignored me once or twice when we met on the corridors and lobbies of the school.

I don't know what to say. I liked Luis. He was smooth and cool. More importantly, we had a thing going on that was only for us. She called me Luis and I acquiescently responded. Does it matter that the name wasn't mine?

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