Written on 11:36 PM by isko b. doo

I am a fool.
I went to school,
To learn money is the tool
To having happiness full,
And love,
It aint cool.

They said love is dead,
Use not your heart but head,
And never, never to wed,
Lest another mouth to be fed,
And a dog’s life is led.

But when youth had you slighted,
They’re better than a lonely bed,
At least when you’ve married,
Somebody cries when you’re dead.

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  1. Anonymous |

    is this a poem or something?


  2. Anonymous |

    hahahaha!murag kaila jud ko nimo ba!hoy joel kaw ba yan?hmmmm...hehe!

  3. isko moreno |

    ayaw saba day! :) secret lang na...

  4. Anonymous |

    hahahahha!tagna pa lagi ko!i-link tika jo!alanghiya ka..pathrill ka pa huh!hehe

  5. Anonymous |

    hahahahha!tagna pa lagi ko!langhiya ka pa-thrill mo pa ako!hehe!

    i-link tika jo!;0)


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