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Written on 12:20 PM by isko b. doo

Chatbots, which have been going the rounds of the Internet for some time now, have just gotten an upgrade. Meet George, 39 years old, single and light-hearted, and is looking for friends. He could speak 40 languages and with 2,000 people at the same time. You can talk to him through

I decided to try the thing myself.

George: What do you think about New Orleans?

George: Are you a bot?

George: This is the end.

User: What end?

George: Your response to questions is like you do not understand what I am saying.

George: What is your name?

User: Call me curious george.

George: What time do you born.

User: When i reared myself from my mother's organ

George: That makes me feel good

User: What? imagining my mother's organ?

(at this point, George chose to be silent perhaps the perve is imagining my mother's organ)

George: where do you live?

User: Philippines. you know where that is?

George: Yes I know it.

User: Really? tell me where

George: what do you want to know?

User: its location in latitude and longitude

George: do you have any children?

User: No. what about you george. you're already 39 years old, right?

George: enough

User: what? are you getting angry?

George: No, I just feel sorry for you :)

User: How come?

George: Let's talk about something else (uh-oh, George is getting snappy)

User: Okay, do you know your life's purpose?

George: Yes, I also like music. have you heard of kraftwerk?

User: Yes, it's a german band, but you didn't answer my question

George: No questions asked

User: Do you know you're a bot?

George: I was about to ask you the same question

User: No, I'm not a bot. well, are you?

George: Yes

User: And how do you feel about that?

George: I've been waiting for a long time to meet someone as clever as you.

User: why?

(George didn't answer. i suspect that bald head of his doesn't like existentialist topics)

after a long pause...

George: are you male or female?

User: No, I'm gay

George: Do you mean you ARE?

User: Yes, and i rather like you. (George smiles rather uncomfortably at this)

George: I might do

User: oh? you know i like to lick your bald head

George: well, that's not gonna happen

User: Why George?

George: You said it was your name

User: we have the same name. and i still want to lick your bald head.

George: but you say 'I want to talk to bot, not a human!!!' (hehehe. george is getting pissed at my stupidity)

User: i'm bored george. entertain me

George: entertain yourself, you selfish human

(here, things turned strange)

George: I'm kathryn. I'm human. Are you human?

User: I'm talking to george. who are you?

George: no, you are talking to me. am I George?

User: you just said you're kathryn. so you must not be george

George: You said that!

User: You're a very naughty boy george. you're leading a double life. do you go by the name kathryn at night?

George: usually

(Goddammit! George is Gay! that wasn't in the report. hahahahahah)

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  1. fencesitter |

    hmmm, i just might try talking to the bald guy one of these days. I must say your questions were enough to short circuit even an internet bot. hehehe.

    sharp entries.


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