i am


Written on 4:03 PM by isko b. doo

I am.

Flesh and spirit intertwined.
Out of the outflow of blood,
Through the protruding veins
And arteries,
Out of my organs and tissues
Traversing and crisscrossing,
Out of the brittle bones
And hurting sinews,
Out of my wavering nerves,
Out of my senses and perceptions,
Out of my prejudices, opinions, beliefs,
Philosophies, moods, eccentricities,
And identities,
Out of my bedroom door,
To the century-old tree
That hovers above me,
Out of my affiliations, relations,
Affairs, mistakes, triumphs, attentions,
And forced smiles,
Out of my religion and
The mother that bore me,
Out of the reluctant body that carry me,
Out of my flesh,

I am.


An eye.
Seeing nothing.
Encompassing everything.

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