Gloria in excelsis


Written on 9:43 PM by isko b. doo

The Roots of Violence: Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience, Knowledge without character, Commerce without morality, Science without humanity, Worship without sacrifice, Politics without principles,” -- Mahatma Gandhi

Saw on TV our so-called president wearing the famous yellow shirt with the mug of Ninoy Aquino on the front during the commemoration of his death anniversary and I almost gagged.

How dare she gatecrash a memory – no, a symbol of idealism, freedom, and human rights -- which she successfully debased in her short term. Critics even placed her above Marcos in her wanton disregard of human lives as in the case of killings of activists and journalists done in broad daylight. How dare she invoke what Ninoy stood for!

Cory, knowing that the commemoration was meant to be a grand show for good PR was a, well, no show.

During the ceremony, Gloria named former Supreme Court associate justice Jose Melo to head the new commission supposedly to probe the almost daily killings, which she condemned in the “strongest terms,” while she called on the public for support. The commission was created a few days after Gloria gave Task Force Usig an ultimatum to solve 10 cases in 10 weeks.

Earlier, Gloria called on the witnesses to come out and pinpoint the killers; as if it’s the fault of the witnesses why not a single suspect has been jailed. Now, we know where (in)Justice Sec. Raul Gonzales got his astute talent of concocting ready-made excuses for ineptitude. His boss just showed it right there.

Besides, the government has not shown in the past its interest in protecting whistleblowers. There was Gen. Francisco Gudani, along with his officer Col. Alexander Balutan, who was court martialed for testifying before the Senate on what they knew about election rigging involving the president’s husband.

Then there’s EO 464 which prohibits executive officials from testifying before Senate with Malacanang’s say-so; the CPR to prevent protesters from massing up; the overthrow of the impeachment bid even before the evidence could be examined – all pointing to the actions of the guilty person.

Of course, I was no longer surprised seeing Gloria there. She must have really thought that it’s her duty to be present during the commemoration. If she praised Gen. Jovito Palparan for his “heroic” efforts in fighting the enemy yesterday like what she did in her state of the nation address, I would also expect it. Her capacity to lie to herself is boundless.

Gloria already usurped the presidency, and yesterday she took over a widow’s memory, too. No, Gloria does not surprise me anymore. It’s us I’m disappointed with. How far could we go allowing somebody rape our morals, prostitute our minds, and assault our senses with her fake smiles?

Gloria’s greatest crime is not stealing the presidency (not once, but twice!); her greatest sin is murdering the Filipino’s hope.

Ninoy need not worry whether or not the Filipino is worth dying for:

We are already dead.

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